Illuminate Health, Illuminate Hope: Transforming healthcare and medical services with United Signsʼ digital LED displays.

Digital LED Displays

Redefine communication in medical environments with United Signsʼ innovative digital LED displays. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, our wide range of outdoor LED displays serves as beacons of clarity and communication in medical settings across the country.

Outstanding Image Quality

United Signs uses only the best LEDs to guarantee the highest image quality, unified illumination, color, and power efficiency

Destined to Impress, Crafted Strong

We aspire to build the most reliable and consistent LED displays that meet your specific design and technical requirements.


United Signs offers user-friendly technology that helps clients produce stimulating content experiences.

Customer Support

United Signs is here to assist. We provide installation and training support by phone, online, or in person with our local sales teams.

From hospital corridors to waiting rooms, our LED displays provide vital information with crisp clarity, guiding patients, staff, and visitors seamlessly through the healthcare journey. Our digital LED signs combine United Signsʼ optimized graphic and video processing capabilities with remarkable LED brightness and resolution to help add exceptional clarity and depth to the displayed content, all while being IP67 Rated and Front or Rear Access.

Results Driven

Build your reputation and effectively communicate with your audience. United Signsʼ comprehensive series of digital LED displays helps the healthcare sector entice, instruct, and drive visible results.

United Signs LED Displays are ideal for:

  • Hospitals
  • Dental Centers
  • Urgent Care
  • Vet Clinics
  • Chiropractor Office
  • And Much More

Our Process

We have a simple, streamlined process once you have decided to purchase one of our Digital Displays:


From styling to implementation review, technical assistance, and content consultation, we have got your back. United Signsʼ expert team is waiting to assist.


Gratification is reliant on resolution quality, observing distance, radiance, and cost. We provide answers to those specific types of questions.


We provide a number of payment and financing options. Please contact one of our expert team members if you require assistance.

Use United Signsʼ innovative LED display solutions to your advantage. For more information, please contact your United Signs dealer or sales consultant.