Outdoor Sports

Digital scoreboards have transformed the live event experience for both spectators and players. They offer numerous benefits that can enhance any game, regardless of its size or level of competition. With their clear and dynamic visuals, digital scoreboards keep the crowd engaged and informed, ensuring that no one misses a moment of the action. They can be easily customized and updated in real-time, making them a valuable asset for any sports venue or event organizer.

Create Excitement

Your LED scoreboard can display advertisements and sponsorship messages, making it a powerful revenue tool for the organization, school, or team. Digital scoreboards offer a unique chance for organizations to make money through strategic partnerships while also improving the visual appeal of their sports events. In other words, digital scoreboards combine practicality, entertainment, and financial savviness, making them a winning combination for any modern sports event.

Generate Revenue

Digital scoreboards have become essential for enhancing player and fan engagement in todayʼs sports world. Unlike traditional static boards, digital scoreboards offer a different experience due to their dynamic and interactive features.

Why Digital

Enhanced visibility

Digital scoreboards use LED, which offers bright and clear visibility even from a distance, making it easier for spectators to view the score and game updates

Real-time updates

Digital scoreboards can update scores, timing, and other important game information in real time, allowing spectators to stay up-to-date with the gameʼs progress.

Easy to operate

Digital scoreboards are user-friendly and can be operated with a handheld remote or a computer, making it easy for operators to manage the scoreboard during the game.


Digital scoreboards can be customized to display team names, logos, sponsor advertisements, and other information, making them an effective tool for branding and revenue generation.


While digital scoreboards may require an initial investment, they can be more cost-effective in the long run as they require less maintenance than traditional scoreboards and can last for many years.

Core Sports

Technology has rapidly changed the way we enjoy sports. In todayʼs world, one of the most exciting things you can do when attending a sporting event is watch it on the big screen.

Displays for:
Football | Baseball | Basketball | Soccer | Lacrosse | Volleyball | Hockey | Australian Football | Tennis

Football Stadiums

Digital scoreboards are commonly used in football stadiums to display scores, player statistics, game time, and so on during the game.

Basketball Arenas

They can be used to showcase scores, shot clocks, and player statistics during the game.

Tennis Courts

They can display scores, set details, and match progress.

Hockey Rinks

The displays can show scores, period details, penalty times, and player statistics for the hockey game.

Multi-sport Arenas

The screens are easy to manage, so they are ideal for many types of sports games for versatile score display and information dissemination.


Our displays are great for presenting statistical information for indoor sports like volleyball, wrestling, and gymnastics to display scores, timers, etc.


Score Display

Displays the scores for both teams in real time.

Time Display

Displays the remaining or elapsed game time, including the added time.

Game Status Info

Shows in-game information that helps the players and coaches make the right decisions and excites the fans.


Video displays from the United Sign Platinum series are available in 38 sizes with 8 mm row and column spacing. They have different lengths of filler panels to match the widths of standard Daktronics outdoor scoreboards, and they eliminate color shifts at off angles, so the image is clear from any seat. United Signs offers complete 360° protection from moisture and dust, and their high-contrast louvers and etching preserve image contrast even in the brightest conditions. If you need help finding the best standard or custom video display solution for your facility, contact United Signs.

Pixel Pitch
Cabinet Size
Cabinet Weight
Cabinet Material
Protection Level
Viewing Distance
12”x24” or 37.8”x25.2” or 25.2”50.4”
78.2 lbs
Profile Aluminum
14ʼ or greater
12”x24” or 37.8”x25.2” or 25.2”50.4”
78.2 lbs
Profile Aluminum
19ʼ or greater
12”x24” or 37.8”x25.2” or 25.2”50.4”
78.2 lbs
Profile Aluminum
IP70 Front IP55 Rear
23ʼ or greater
12”x24” or 37.8”x25.2” or 25.2”50.4”
82.6 lbs
Profile Aluminum
23ʼ or greater

Additional Features

Multiple communication options
5 Year Factory Parts Warranty
LED Display Features
24 Hour Technical Support from US Locations
Unlimited Software Seats/Licenses
Cabinet Size (HeightxWidth) Matrix (Row) Size (Column) Square Footage Price
7×13 216 363 91 $ 45,500
7×18 216 363 126 $ 63,000
7×25 216 363 175 $ 87,500
7×32 216 363 224 $ 112,000
7×36 216 432 252 $ 126,000
8.5×14.5 252 432 123.25 $ 61,625
8.5×18 252 432 153 $ 76,500
8.5×25 252 432 212.5 $ 106,250
8.5×32 252 432 272 $ 136,000
8.5×36 252 504 306 $ 153,000
9.5×17 288 504 161.5 $ 80,750
9.5×18 288 504 171 $ 85,500
9.5×25 288 504 237.5 $ 118,750
9.5×32 288 504 304 $ 152,000
9.5×36 288 576 342 $ 171,000
11×19 324 576 209 $ 104,500
11×25 324 576 275 $ 137,500
11×32 324 576 352 $ 176,000
11×36 324 648 396 $ 198,000
12×25 360 648 300 $ 150,000
12×32 360 648 384 $ 192,000
12×36 360 648 432 $ 216,000
14.5×25 432 756 362.5 $ 181,250
14.5×32 432 756 448 $ 224,000
14.5×36 432 756 522 $ 261,000
15.5×28 468 828 434 $ 217,000
15.5×32 468 828 496 $ 248,000
15.5×36 468 828 558 $ 279,000
17×30 504 900 510 $ 255,000
17×32 504 900 544 $ 272,000
17×36 504 900 612 $ 306,000
18×32 540 972 576 $ 288,000
18×36 540 972 648 $ 324,000
19×34 576 1008 646 $ 323,000
19×36 576 1008 684 $ 342,000
20×36 612 1080 720 $ 360,000
22×38 648 1152 836 $ 418,000
23×41 684 1224 943 $ 471,000
25×43 720 1296 1075 $ 537,000


Easy-to-Use Interface

Designed for volunteers / students

Video Input Capabilities

One or more live video feeds can be shown on the scoreboard.

Remote Control

Built-in webserver to control the interface remotely via tablet or laptop.

Dynamic Advertising Zone

Unlimited ad zones with rotating stills, animations, or videos.

Ad Tracking

Export comprehensive reports for ads to provide to sponsors.

Template Based Layouts

Easily change the look of the entire output.

Dynamic Display

Full or Partial Screen Video Display & Playback. Dynamically trigger interstitials, such as “Great Play”, etc.

Multiple Sports Support

Quickly change between control interfaces and output for multiple live scoreboards across various sports.

Device Control

Seamlessly manage and control the device for a smooth functional experience.

Reasons to own Digtial a Scoreboared

Screen Brightness

LEDs offer a very bright light that can beeasily seen even in direct sunlight. Forindoor use, this can be dimmed to a levelthat is comfortable for viewers.

Outdoor Sustainable

LED scoreboards are powder-coated aluminum cabinets that are weather-resistant and can withstand the elements.

Adjustable Match Time

You can also adjust the time of the match that is displayed on the scoreboard. This is helpful if there is a time limit for the match.

Shooting Distance

The shooting distance is the distance from the front of the board to the back. This can be adjusted depending on the size of the court or field. Most LED scoreboards offer a shooting distance of 100m or more.

Saves Time & manpower

Semi-automatic or fully automatic operation means that you don't have to waste time or manpower manually updating the score. Two matches can also be displayed simultaneously, which can be a great time and power saver.

Easy to read

The bright, clear display of an LED scoreboard can be easily seen from a distance, making it ideal for outdoor use, unlike its predecessor - the analog scoreboard.

Allows Efficient Advertising

With features such as sponsorship panels and multimedia capabilities, LED scoreboards can generate additional revenue for your organization.

Heightened Game-time Experience

The multimedia capabilities of LED scoreboards can enhance the game-time experience for fans, adding to the overall excitement and atmosphere of the event. Announcements, music, and other audio-visual effects can be played through the scoreboard, making it an ideal all-in-one entertainment system.

Appeals better to the fans

By keeping spectators entertained and updated on the match regardless of their proximity to the pitch, an LED scoreboard ensures that everyone has a good time.

Easy to install

Most LED scoreboards on the market today come with easy-to-follow installation instructions.