SKU: 004

P8 (8mm) 5’h x 8’w LED Digital Business Sign 004 | WiFi Control


Up your brand advertising game with our sturdy and reliable P8 (8mm) Digital LED Business Sign 004. Boasting a sleek, appealing design, this 5’h x 8’w sign complements any brand style in an effortless, elegant manner. Whether you want to showcase your brand’s products or display text, photos, or videos, use our creative sign to increase brand awareness. Its exceptional clarity and brightness are further enhanced by its double-pixel pitch, high-resolution display. Our digital sign comes equipped with USB programmability and Wi-Fi for a smooth user experience. Simply put, our 004 LED display is more than just a statement piece; it demonstrates your brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Call +1 (800) 935-8094 anytime to discuss your project.